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Woly Combi size 250ml
Specially designed for conditioning and cleaning shoes or bags made from a combination of different materials. It offers protection from both moisture and dirt, whilst providing care, nourishment and refreshment of colours.

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Woly Shoe Polish size 50ml
Hard wax shoe cream with powerful cleaning effect. Polish can be applied over and over to build up the shine. Apply with a brush or cloth and buff to a high shine.
Saddle Soap size 100ml
Cleans, cares and protects the leather.
Woly Leather Care size 75ml
protects and conditions sports, hiking shoes, mountain-climbing and leisure shoes made of smooth leather. Protects shoes against moisture and spots; the leather remains breathable and supple. Suitable for every type of all-weather membrane.
Woly Sport White size 75ml
Opaque white for leather and textile shoes. Refreshes whites, cares for shoes. Shake well, apply evenly, let dry. Polish leather with a soft cloth.
Woly Wax and Shine (instant shine) 125ml
High quality wax spray for smooth leather which may be used on any colour combination. It treats, protects, intensifies colours and dries to form a highly polished shine.
Woly Wet Blocker size 250ml
Nano Powered Waterproof. High Performance. Ultimate Wet Blocker, suitable for all materials without a plastic coating, even satin.
(Neutral) Kiwi Select Sport Dubbin 50ml
Dubbin waterproofs and keeps the leather soft and supple. Not suitable for suede or nubuck.
(Black) Kiwi Parade Gloss Prestige 50ml
A unique blend of natural waxes and genuine vegetable oil that delivers the ultimte shine whilst nourishing and protecting
Kiwi Shoe Polish 50ml
Shines nourishes and protects. Available in Black, Blue, Light Tan, Dark Tan, Burgundy or Neutral.

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